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Digital Transformation in Consumer Goods & Services Industry

It is no longer the age of the brand, and it is now the consumer's age. Leading CPG companies increase revenue, gain relevance, and reinvent themselves to a new level.
Competitiveness is a major factor in the CPG industry. Increased participation of new companies in the consumer goods and services market is driven in part by government subsidies, rising consumerism, and a low entry cost. Consumer goods and services companies compete for retail customers because of word-of-mouth marketing, distribution channels, price difference, and product quality. Companies in the consumer goods and services industry must also understand customer behavior and cultural mindsets regionally to achieve success in retail markets.


How Zeek Digital plans to grow in the media and communication industry ?

How can Zeek Digital help you?

We leverage our vast repertoire of skills sets and expertise, methodologies, frameworks, and global network to develop and deliver differentiated offerings and outcomes. Our expertise in consumer markets, coupled with our capabilities in talent management, regulatory compliance, and market entry, allows us to serve as advisors on growth strategies, talent management, and market entry.

Zeek Digital has developed new strategies for consumer markets companies worldwide. We have developed many services that focus on improving customer-centricity, including new business models, growth, supply chain management, and data analytics and security.

Zeek Digital Services for Consumer Goods and Services - What we're doing

Consumer Goods and Service consulting from Zeek Digital helps personalize customer experiences, transform technology, drive consumer goods innovation, and identify new business growth opportunities.

Innovation and growth

By collaborating with a wide ecosystem of partners, a broad ecosystem of opportunities will be identified, and new business models will be created and innovated.

Logistics and manufacturing

Increase market responsiveness, profitability, and inventory accuracy by reducing service costs, improving speed to market, and developing custom products and services.

Improve brand recognition

Create a global marketing experience that is cost-effective, locally relevant, and purposeful using data-driven intelligence.

Using data and analytics

A data-driven insights company powered by AI and cloud, built on a highly automated data foundation.

A digital commerce platform

Implement data-driven intelligence to optimize ROI and manage the architecture and operations of digital commerce.

Management of costs

Gain real-time insights through data-driven insights so that funds can be reallocated continually to strategic investments and growth areas.

Implementing new technologies

Deliver future technology landscapes and enable digital transformations based on data and experience.

Business intelligence

Replace Global Business Services with scalable Intelligent Services to increase speed to market and keep pace with change.

Discover how we help consumer goods & services companies’ future-proof their businesses.
Using our customer insights

Using our Demand Centric Growth approach, we help you to redraw segments and invest in brands to build competitive advantages with strong growth potential.

Artificial Intelligence

Companies that produce fast-moving consumer goods and other CPGs can benefit from artificial intelligence applications.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing maturity is a challenge for consumer products companies. CPG companies work with us to bring new talent onto teams, mix them with existing creative, collaborate with martech providers and agencies, and integrate digital tools.

Managing digital supply chains

The CPG industry was once dominated by companies with their own value chains, but today winners leverage a broad ecosystem of external partners identifying which functions can be done better or by partners is our first step in helping CPG companies make this fundamental shift to an external orientation.

Digital Transformation

An organization needs to build robust digital platforms, implement effective data governance, and have a transparent operating model led by people who have the capacity to deal proactively with growing pains to bridge the digital gap. Zeek Digital companies, where technology and people combine to drive unprecedented levels of innovation, are the hallmark of the Zeek Digital company concept.

Zero-based budgeting is at its core

As a result of zero-based budgeting, CPG companies can lower SG&A costs by 12% to 30%, increase transparency, and create a culture of cost-consciousness.

Luxury Goods

Rethinking what, when, and how luxury brands sell is one of our specialties. We have designed a two-pronged approach for responding to the new realities in luxury goods.

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