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Digital Transformation in Capital Markets Industry

Exchange, asset management firms, and investment banks, asset management firms, and exchanges use Zeek Digital to prepare for the digital world.With disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Automation, and Smart Contracts, the financial services industry is rapidly transforming. In addition to capital market compliance, increased costs, and shrinking revenues, several other factors contribute to the challenges. Core systems must be reconfigured entirely, enabling a sustainable competitive advantage for this to happen.
IT and operations at Zeek Digital are streamlined and converged across business processes. We complement our run management and change management solutions with a robust partner ecosystem that introduces multi-faceted capabilities and enables us to create a single point of contact between processes, platforms, and ideas. By adhering to stringent regulations, we can enhance capital market solutions, capital market compliance, and customer-centricity.


How Zeek Digital plans to grow in the media and communication industry ?

The capabilities and offerings of the capital markets

We provide a full range of services to enable a capital markets transformation, including asset management and post-trade processing. Effectively run IT and operations across all front-back processes by pursuing digital transformation, simplification, and automation.

Customer Experience

Your digital transformation strategy should revolve around your partners, customers, and employees. To bring technology, data, and processes and people together, we use experience design principles. We endow enterprises with exceptional experiences through creativity and empathy. Advanced data, customer research, and advanced data analytics are the starting points of experience-led transformation. When enterprises rely on these insights, they can digitally transform and put people first.

Compliance & risk

Companies need a proactive approach to managing risk and compliance as threats and regulations grow. As a leading provider of operational risk management services, we help you meet government and business compliance standards.

We offer a variety of compliance and risk management solutions, including trust & safety, third party risk managers, enterprise risk and regulatory services, life sciences regulatory affairs, financial crime compliance and risk management, credit risk management, and anti-corruption monitors.

Wealth Management

Experience seamless omnichannel interactions and personalized customer journeys for your affluent clients. The products and solutions we offer fit your wealthy clients' banking needs and your wealth management business needs.

Business Technology Services

Improve your business technology with industry-specific services. Make IT more modern with industry expertise, advanced capabilities, and process knowledge. Cloud, application, and integration services built on an AI-based platform offer governance, scalability, and agility.

Accounting and Finance

The business priorities are evolving, and the finance function must adapt as well. Our accounting solutions enable profitable growth, mitigate risk, build resilience, and foster innovation by using unique new skills, digital technologies, advanced analytics, and deep functional knowledge. In addition to our accounting and finance services, we offer records to report, risk and compliance, invoices to cash, and accounts payable.


Automating business processes with intelligent automation helps enhance the user experience, mitigate risk, reduce cost, drive revenue, and boost growth. Gain new insights, increase productivity, and improve ROI. Intelligent automation goes beyond eliminating redundant tasks. Intelligent automation and robotic process automation are made possible with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and other advanced digital technologies. Utilizing RPA, we develop scalable and reusable solutions that deliver a clear ROI.

Digital Transformation

Learn how to transform your organization. Zeek Digital combines technology and industry expertise to develop solutions that help your business retain loyal and top customers, increase compliance, and reduce risk. Zeek Digital is the digital transformation partner you need as your business adapts and thrives in an ever-changing world. We develop innovative cloud-based AI, analytics, and automation solutions to transform customer experiences based on industry- specific knowledge.

Artificial Intelligence

Maximize your ROI by using artificial intelligence to optimize business processes. Artificial intelligence can help you accomplish your business goals with the support of deep industry expertise. We deliver transformation at scale with our comprehensive AI capability and pre- trained accelerators. By integrating AI into business processes, we can create seamless experiences, from automation to advanced analytics.

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