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Digital Transformation in Aerospace and Defence Industry

Embrace all the advantages of Intelligent Industry. Introducing Zeek Digital as we strengthen the industry for the new era!
The Aerospace and Defence sector is at a turning point, as all three services of one of the world's most powerful military forces are undertaking modernization and indigenization programmes. We are poised to become the global leader in Intelligent Industry, which is set to propel aerospace and defence companies all over the world into the next industrial revolution. Using knowledge-based engineering systems and artificial intelligence, we help manufacturers of commercial, cargo, and military aircraft to meet their sustainability targets.


Why Choose Zeek Digital Aerospace and defence solutions?

By utilizing the Live Enterprise framework, Zeek Digital helps aerospace and defence companies advance in the new normal. A deep understanding of industry dynamics is combined with sophisticated analytics, a vast network of industry experts, and a holistic approach. Besides building internal capabilities, we help our clients adopt digital and analytics tools, and we help them transform business processes to improve their business in significant and sustainable ways.

You can count on us.

Economic uncertainties, geopolitical unrest, and natural disasters are widespread. In order to plan for the future, we can help you evaluate the impact of large shifts and handle competing issues. As part of our strategy and direction effort, we bring together specialists from across Zeek Digital. Through our long-term partnership, we'll help you build resilience, driving the aerospace, defence, and security sector forward.

Innovative technology that accelerates and adapts.

The industry is being reshaped by data, analytics, and technology. Research and development (R&D) can be accelerated, more insights can be generated through data, and operations can be made more resilient by investing in the exponential potential of technology. To help you adopt new tools and new thinking, Zeek Digital brings our expertise in technology and cyber security. To achieve long-term, sustainable growth, we will collaborate with you to quickly scale these innovative initiatives.

Your guide to transforming deals into growth.

Having a comprehensive understanding of global trends and regulations enables Zeek Digital to formulate a responsive solution for you. By managing risk strategically and building flexible supply chains and agile operations, we can help strengthen your position for the future. A critical point in this process will be your workforce. We help you develop an engaged, competitive and future-ready workforce through our proprietary platforms and up skilling strategies. Through your digital transformation, we can maximize your returns.

Let's work together to make it happen

There have been unprecedented setbacks for the industry, affecting demand, investment, and the job market. Sales, deals, and operations must be rethought. Taking on more risk and rethinking delivery strategies is imperative. A team of highly skilled professionals can analyze and solve these large and complex problems with fresh thinking and analysis. Rather than place an emphasis on rebuilding weakened links, we focus on restoring long-term health and vitality. We can turn around your organization's fortunes together.

Transformative digital technologies can enhance customer experiences, operations, and offerings across the board. Aerospace and defence consulting services and companies are rapidly adapting to budget cuts, rising operating costs, infrastructure management, MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul), and a complex global supply chain through new technology. In this phase of intense digital transformation for aerospace companies and defence contractors, Zeek Digital is leading the way and guiding them safely through the challenges.

What do we do?
Commercial aerospace

Engines, aero structures, avionics, landing gears, and interiors are among the major aircraft equipment categories in which we have strong expertise. Moreover, we consult with different vectors for Future Mobility, including advanced air mobility solutions and sustainable propulsion technologies, for perspectives on trends shaping aviation.


Our defence clients are active across a broad spectrum of military operations. In addition to developing expertise in military aerospace, land systems, naval systems, space-based systems, and sensors and electronics, we have built expertise in all major categories of platforms and associated equipment. To meet their most pressing challenges, we also partner with defence ministries, national security organizations, and public safety organizations.

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