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Digital Transformation in Chemicals Industry

Chemical companies are assisted in identifying growth opportunities, improving performance, and optimizing operations. Zeek Digital solutions for chemicals deliver higher-value outcomes through innovative business models, services, and products.
We are on the cusp of a profound change in the chemical industry, and disruption creates new opportunities and challenges for those ready to take advantage. Our chemical consulting and technology expertise, combined with our expertise in the latest industry trends, enables us to leverage strong business performance across all segments, digital enablement for growth, transformational strategies, and innovation.Zeek Digital are helping redefine the way the chemical industry works, whether by implementing SAP S/4HANA for transforming business, optimizing plant operations, or providing mergers and acquisitions support.


Zeek Digital - the future of the Chemical Industry

The Zeek Digital - Chemical Road Map

Advanced analytics and artificial intelligence enable chemical companies to create Change that Matters, unlocking operational excellence and sustainable growth.

Supply chain & operations

Integrated, customer-centric supply chains optimize innovation cycles and enable more agile operations.

Production & operations

Make a profitable, sustainable business with artificial intelligence, data, and the cloud.


Re-skilling workers, adopting cloud computing, green IT and reducing carbon emissions to support the circular economy.

Cloud services

Ensure business value, intelligence, and innovation are delivered at speed and scale to reap the benefits of cloud computing.

SAP services & solutions

Drive your business forward with an intelligent enterprise.

Advertisers with intelligence

You can grow your advertising business with our comprehensive intelligent advertising services. Implementing 5G faster, managing legacy networks more efficiently, and launching new software-driven networking services.

Applications of intelligence

Integrating artificial intelligence with industry expertise to deliver applied intelligence. Stay ahead of the competition with our full suite of digital services, analytics, and enterprise cloud.

Services related to cyber security

Protect your entire company from the inside out with our next-generation cybersecurity services.

Zeek Digital - the future of the Chemical Industry

Petrochemical companies benefit from our expertise in building strategies around their core strengths. Building petrochemical companies' businesses for the future by guiding them through the changing industry landscape. We plan based on statements and scenarios rather than rely on a few public forecasts -- which are often inaccurate or based on assumptions that aren't entirely transparent. This approach aims to determine the conditions that will make a company's strategy most effective and the likelihood that those conditions will be met.


Cement companies can improve their operations by combining market data with detailed industry data. Across five essential functions: marketing & sales, corporate finance, organization, processes, and strategy, we combine industry experience with clear market outlets and geographic insights to support cement clients.

Transformations & Impact Partnerships

The organization is set up for success when its leadership and teams align and prioritize motivation and skills. To ensure our clients' plans and recommendations make sense, we combine sustainability, transformational, and functional experience with deep chemicals expertise. Additionally, we emphasize capability building as a key to enabling sustainable change after transformation.

Specialty Chemicals

It provides operational excellence for specialty chemical companies; it monitors and anticipates global trends. Assist specialty chemical companies in building growth strategies that leverage their core strengths and take advantage of industry-specific trends. The Specialty Chemicals team utilizes several databases and proprietary tools.

Why Zeek Digital?

The chemical and process industries are switching from product manufacturers to solution providers due to constant changes in the industry landscape. Their performance has been impacted by inefficient operations, declining growth, and increased costs. Organizations' top priority is securing a secure future with reduced costs and increased revenues. As a result, the chemical industry needs players that will join the digital revolution, raise the bar for operational excellence, establish process manufacturing software, develop influential chemical industry consulting, and build new business models.

Over the past two decades, we have partnered with firms to help them achieve financial stability and operational efficiencies in the manufacturing and materials processes. In addition to construction, pulp and paper, packaging, and chemicals. Reduced environmental impact, improved production efficiency, and Process improvement are some of the benefits we provide.

We enable efficient operations management with big data analytics, chemical manufacturing software, asset management software, and cloud-based operations management software. We are well suited to address this industry's problems because of our extensive chemical industry consulting experience. Chemical software companies that embrace our Digital solutions achieve excellence and outshine their competition.

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