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Digital Transformation in Airline Industry

Achieving future growth for the airline industry. Zeek Digital enables travelers to have a personalized experience.
It has always been difficult for the airline industry to predict its business. Despite the rapid increase in passenger volumes, the airline industry has seen its profits decline dramatically in recent years. Such factors as increasing competition from security threats, infectious diseases, natural disasters, and low-cost carriers have taken their toll on profits. While airlines struggle against these external forces, they must also maintain a laser-like focus on creating a positive customer experience and winning the loyalty of their customers. Due to customer expectations, fluctuating business conditions and increased regulations, airlines must improve cash flow, maximize revenue, and keep costs under control to remain competitive. They should partner with third-party solution providers to aid them in these efforts.


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When it comes to travel-related Business Process Management (BPM) solutions, Zeek Digital builds robust, customized solutions that meet the specific needs of some of the most prestigious airlines in the world. By leveraging its deep domain experience, Zeek Digital helps airline clients unlock new business opportunities and create efficient end-to-end processes that reduce costs. Our clients can also eliminate revenue leakages and gain an insight into the market based on analytics.

Analytics & Business Intelligence

Many revenue impacting and operational problems are addressed through business intelligence and analytics. By providing a single source of truth, reporting capabilities, ad-hoc reports, and high data quality, travel companies can increase revenue and differentiate their customer experience. Our offering areas include digital analytics, customer analytics, revenue management, and marketing analytics.

Digital and Analytics

Zeek Digital offer Digital & Analytics services to help customers design and build core components of their Digital-Technology Footprint TM for digital transformation.

Airline IT Partners Trusted Systems Integrators

Our decades of experience enable Zeek Digital to provide the fastest and smoothest System Integration for clients' businesses using our business, industry, and technology know-how. With our wide range of products and services, we cover kiosks, crew, loyalty, online travel agencies, cargo products, airline eCommerce platforms, and airport products. By offering application modernization, business process engineering, DevOps, integration services, customer development, and program delivery, Zeek Digital helps its clients make their businesses more agile.

Improving omnichannel passenger engagement

Digitalization is transforming the way travelers engage with brands and businesses. Even though consumers are eager to use technology, it can be difficult to offer seamless journey assistance. Using Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP) based digital assistants can ease traveler worries and boost sales by transforming stressful situations into customer engagement touchpoints.

Managing Air Traffic - Combining technical and operational skills

Zeek Digital approach to air traffic management brings together a large range of operational and technical skills, including network. Partnership development, ATM capacity needs business, computer systems and applications integration including architecture/SOA Distributed approach in technological excellence, global delivery, specialized methodologies, change management, technical facilitation, and managing projects.

A Multi-Cloud Ecosystem that is personalized

Zeek Digital helps airlines transform their businesses by improving agility, nimbleness, and scalability. We implement new methodologies, technologies, and tailor-made solutions for optimal outcomes with a thorough understanding of your business.

Modernize and transform your IT Services

The professionals at Zeek Digital are known for transforming your businesses by leveraging Agile, Blockchain, AI, Automation, Microservices architectures, cloud, open-source, and DevOps models to gain a competing advantage and "Being Agile".

What makes Zeek Digital the best choice for airlines?

Zeek offers the latest digital technologies. Airline revenues are rising rapidly. Several factors, such as cost pressures, changing customer expectations, and digital transformation, have forced organizations to alter their operations. Several players in the airline industry have also been affected by the exponential growth in global travel.

Customer-centricity is at the forefront of everything we do at Zeek digital. Our objective has been to develop a dynamic, smart, and open blueprint to maximize returns on investment. Zeek Digital works with firms to map business processes to databases, infrastructure, and applications, helping them maximize return on investment. They also eliminate wasted resources and costs through this process. We have developed frameworks, methodologies, accelerators, and solutions through research to unlock new-age capabilities. Several key performance parameters are improved due to our offerings, helping clients stay ahead.

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