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Digital Transformation in Automotive Industry

With automotive industry solutions, achieve profitable and sustainable growth in an increasingly dynamic sector. Ensure high-quality engineering services in enhancing product experiences and across mechanical engineering and embedded system engineering.
Moving vehicles are not the only role of the automotive industry anymore. Several factors are at play, including social media analytics, mobility, telematics, audio-video experiences, eco-friendly, high performance, smartness, and intelligence. The goal is to provide cost-effective engineering solutions. To handle disruptions like inconsistent vehicle demand and stringent emission regulations, you must become more agile.


Zeek Digital - Automotive technology solutions of the future

Having a low carbon footprint means that your automotive enterprise and ecosystem must be safe places to work. Additionally, you must create a flexible supply chain that adapts to the changing dynamics of logistics, distribution, and procurement. To stay competitive, companies need to set themselves apart from the competition. Companies can embrace cutting-edge technology and improve their operations in today's automotive industry. To cope with blurring boundaries and stagnating growth, companies must embrace new and innovative ways to distinguish themselves from the competition.

Zeek Digital - Automotive technology solutions of the future

With automotive information technology, you can create personalized, innovative vehicle experiences and improve operational efficiency and resilience.

Zeek Digital believes we can play a significant role in shaping the future of mobility. Whether you want to drive efficiencies through smart automation or grow your business by leveraging smart mobility, we partner with you as your agile innovation partner, agile transformation partner, and digital platform provider.

Zeek Digital - Automotive industry's leading provider of digital platforms.

Automobile manufacturers, dealerships, and suppliers are under extreme pressure to transform their businesses and prepare to meet future challenges.

To help clients in the automotive industry achieve bold ambitions, we rely on a global team of dedicated automotive consultants with deep knowledge and experience.

Electrification and Climate Change

In addition to assessing electric vehicles' impacts on energy, infrastructure, and related industries, it is the hub for our research and analysis of electric vehicle markets and solutions. To assist clients in evaluating manufacturing requirements, ROI expectations, and market opportunities, we also perform competitive and regulatory analyses.

Marketing and Sales

Clients in the auto industry benefit from Zeek Digital's sales and marketing best practices. In addition to digital automotive marketing, we assist clients with projects related to customer service, pricing and incentive management, omnichannel and e-commerce sales. Our experts use a collection of sales, marketing, and pricing tools and analytics to achieve this.

Mobilizing Innovations

Mobility products and services beyond the automobile are discussed, such as smart infrastructure, logistic services, public transportation, mobility services, and intermodal platforms.


As a part of our services, we help clients develop new products, tools, and partner ecosystems using best-in-class technology demonstrations, mobile labs, and tools such as model factories.

Product Creation

For auto companies to maximize growth and returns, we help them analyze consumer preferences and behaviours. Manage product lifecycles and costs using our comprehensive suite of tools. Our platform architecture and technology roadmaps maintain capital efficiency while keeping pace with customer demands.


We help car companies with digital business strategies, digital transformations from end-to- end, and Car 4.0 technologies, including electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles. We help clients adopt new technologies like advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, data platforms, and new ways of working like bionic and agile companies.

Advanced driver assistance system and connected cars

OEMs are developing connected cars and advanced driver assistance systems. With smart technologies like IoT sensors, ultrasound, and LIDAR in their vehicles, automakers can appeal to modern buyers and send and receive car data through a cloud-based vehicle to everything (v2x) infrastructure, through which services can be developed.

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